Truck & Earthmoving Exhaust Parts
Wheel Loader Excavator And Tipper Dumper

truck and earthmoving exhaust parts

Tamworth Muffler Man exhaust specialists have been working on the large and small models of trucks, earthmoving and farming equipment for over 20 years. We can supply all your requirements to get the job done or have it fitted at our workshop. For special needs where equipment must be inspected on the job site – no problem, contact Tamworth Muffler Man and inspection and quote can be arranged. For example – large equipment, stationary pump motors, back-up generators etc.

Get in touch with Tamworth Muffler Man on (02) 6762 6248 for more information or to arrange an inspection.

Tamworth Muffler Man has access to Australian made ‘made to order’ machinery exhaust parts.

Mufflers – Truck, Bus, Earthmoving, Headers, Tractors

  • Chrome and aluminised exhaust stacks
  • Exhaust aspirators for air cleaner pre-cleaning
  • Exhaust shields
  • Heat suppression products
  • Sound suppression products
  • Special build sound suppressed mufflers for anything
  • Spark arrestors
  • Tube 1” to 6” in stock
  • Tube 7” to 12” special order
  • Bends 1” to 6” in stock
  • Bends 7”+ special order
  • Flex pipe 2” to 6” in stock
  • Clamps 1¼” to 6” All types in stock
  • Flex bellows 1½” to 5” in stock
  • Heat wrap 2” to 4” /metre in stock
  • Turbo flange plates
  • Turbo lip flanges
  • Pipe adaptors and couplers
  • Cat converters
  • Particulate filters

Get in touch with Tamworth Muffler Man on (02) 6762 6248