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Tamworth suspension repairs and upgrades

Tamworth Muffler Man – established in 1996 and has serviced the local area for over 20 years. Part of the mechanical repair business is Suspension repair and upgrades, fitted by our staff of experienced and qualified mechanics. Their experience allows them to confidently diagnose most faults and find a solution for the customer.

Please get in touch with us on (02) 6762 6248 to book in an appointment with one of our friendly team.

Suspension Repairs

To suit customers’ requirements or budget, and maintain vehicle safety, our staff can find an answer to your problems, from simple replacement part repairs to specific issues.

Suspension Upgrades

This usually implies that the customer is looking at a Suspension kit to upgrade the vehicle (car or 4×4) to suit their requirements.

  • Spring and shock absorber choice for better handling
  • Raise a car for better ground clearance on bad roads
  • Raise a 4×4 for better off road clearance
  • Upgrade the weight capacity of the standard springs and shocks of your 4×4 for safer carrying / towing of heavy loads
  • Upgrade front suspension to allow a bull bar and winch weight
  • Replace worn parts for safer driving

Get in touch with Tamworth Muffler Man on (02) 6762 6248 for more information about our full range of suspension services.